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10 Website Resolutions that will Help Your Business Grow in 2017

10 Website Resolutions that will Help Your Business Grow in 2017

Let’s face it. January is all about goal-setting for the year ahead.

The Christmas rush is over and you’re now tasked with getting those tables and rooms booked up consistently for the next year.

Whether you’re a marketing exec or a restaurant or boutique hotel owner who takes on this role yourself, it’s an important part of your job.

Yes you can plan events and activities to draw people in, but perhaps you’ve forgotton the potential your website has at organically and passively bringing in business?

Perhaps you’re not sure where to start with your website?

Well if you haven’t got around to putting together your website goals for 2017 don’t worry! This article is for you…

Here’s a list of New Year resolutions to add to your year’s marketing plan and apply to your business to help you achieve growth.

Website Resolutions

  1. Review your Google Analytics data.
    Look at the past year and work out how many unique visitors are coming to your website each month (it may vary month to month if you have a seasonal business). Read more here »
  2. Identify how many of those visitors became customers each month.
    If you don’t have access to this information set up a process to start tracking this. Can be done either through Google Analytics Goal tracking if you take online bookings, or by getting your bookings receptionist to ask each caller where they got the number from or where they heard about you.
  3. Create online customer targets for the year ahead that will help you achieve the growth you’re looking for.
    Then put it in a spreadsheet. This is important as it gives you something real to aim for and will help you to understand what needs to be done to achieve these goals.
  4. Increase the number of visitors that come to your website. Put a figure to it.
    This is easier if you have an idea what you’re starting with in the first place, so check out your Google Analytics data.
  5. Increase the number of bookings through your website
    This is about increasing conversions. And yes. You NEED this. Read more here »
  6. Increase the value of each booking via your website.
    Do this without even putting prices up. Read more here »
  7. Review your online branding.
    Does your website offer the same customer experience as your physical restaurant or boutique hotel? Read more here »
  8. How can you engage better with your online fans/lurkers?
    You might want to consider starting a blog and creating a content marketing schedule to stick to.
  9. Collect testimonials / social proof from customers on a regular basis over the year.
    Not only will it help you understand your audience and what makes them tick, you’ll be able to add positive testimonials to your site to help conversions.
  10. Go that extra mile for your customers.
    What can you do to wow your online audience? What can you do that your competitors aren’t doing? Think customer service.

How to Achieve the Resolutions

It’s easy to get overwhelm when you set out goals like this especially when there are some biggies in there like “Increase the number of bookings to your website”.

But there’s one way you can make sure you achieve them.

That’s to break them down into daily or weekly tasks; smaller tasks that make up and help you achieve the larger task.

Let’s take the example of increasing the number of bookings to your website.

1. Set a goal figure eg. Achieve 8,000 monthly unique visitors

2. Break it down into monthly goals Aim for 1,000 in February, 2,000 in March, 3,000 in April etc. That way, adding just 1,000 new visitors each month isn’t as overwhelming as finding 8,000 in one go.

3. Look at the weekly goals What do you need to do every week to hit that monthly goal? Do you need to tighten up your SEO? Come up with a content marketing plan? Or perhaps you could advertise?

4. Daily goals Have a think about what can you do each day to reach those weekly objectives. Start writing a blog post? Implement some SEO tactics?

OrangeGrove helps restaurants and boutique hotels achieve their yearly goals with bespoke websites designed to attract more visitors and convert more of them to customers. If you’d like to talk about your requirements, drop me an email to louisa@orangegrovedesigns.co.uk for a free 1 hour phone consultation.







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