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3 Ways Hotels and Restaurants can Increase the Value of Every Online Booking

increase value of online booking

You find that for the most part your restaurant or boutique hotel is fully booked. You may have even been awarded stars, rosettes and accolades galore.

That’s a great achievement!

So now you can just sit back and watch, right?

Well, you could but.

What if I told you, you could increase your revenue further without spending any money, would you be interested?

You wouldn’t even have to increase your prices, add more tables or build more rooms. After all, putting up prices could alienate your regular customers and put off new ones.

Here I will share 3 easy ways you could potentially double the value of each reservation you receive by making some minor changes to your online booking process.

3 easy ways you can increase the value of each online reservation without spending any money!

We’ve worked with many third party online reservation systems and researched even more boutique hotel websites and restaurant websites. So we know exactly what methods can be used to increase the value of bookings.

Essentially it’s just upselling.

You see it everyday in shops when they place enticing products near the checkouts to encourage last minute purchases. You can’t deny that it works a treat.

The same principle is applied when a website visitor is going through a booking process for a restaurant or boutique hotel.

Just before they commit to the booking you offer them a deal, upgrade or add-on. If it demonstrates good value it’s likely to be successful.

They’ll feel special and you will have significantly increased the value of that booking. It’s an easy win.

Here are 3 ideas you can start using on your website straight away to start increasing your revenue.

1) Offer a chauffeur / transfer service

increase reservations - chauffeur service

  • Hotels: It’s fairly common when holidaying abroad to be offered transfers to and from the airport. Of course the hotels put their own commission on it but the ease and peace of mind can be well worth paying extra for. Unfortunately it’s not a service that’s as common here in the UK so many boutique hotels are missing this opportunity for extra income.
  • Restaurants: You could easily offer a similar service, picking customers up from their homes. A champagne-chauffeur experience could be even more appealing for those celebrating special occasions.

2) Drinks on arrival

increase reservations - drinks on arrival

  • Hotels: Let them pre-book their arrival drink. Champagne, G&T whatever they opt for is indication of their favourite drink. Then, not only can you make money on the welcome drink, but if you’re a hotel, you could upsell further by creating a tailored minibar for them in their room. The attention to detail would get extra brownie points too.
  • Restaurants: So this isn’t necessarily apart of the online booking experience, but it does need to be kept in mind when allocating table time slots online. On arrival guide your customers to the bar whilst informing them their table will be ready shortly. Drinks orders for this stage could be anything between £20-£30 for two or upwards of £50 for a larger table. An easy way of increasing the overall spend.

3) Special upgrade packages

increase hotel bookings - offer upgrades

There’s an abundance of upgrade opportunities you could use whether you’re a boutique hotel or a top restaurant.

  • Hotels: Upgrade opportunities employed by hotels range from upgrading to bigger rooms or rooms with a better view.
  • Restaurants: Could you tempt your guests to upgrade to the tasting menu? Or how about private dining for larger groups?

Where you should add these to your site

For this to work properly, they must be embedded into the online booking process ideally once the customer has filled out dates, times and other personal information required. Ensure that prices for the upgrades and special deals are clearly displayed.

By using a booking engine that allows your customers to select these upgrades or extras during the booking process will make upselling easy, seamless and most importantly, successful.

make a reservation

So if you’re looking to increase your revenue, one option is the lengthy and expensive process to expand your restaurant or hotel,  alternatively you could add just 2 or 3 of these suggestions with minimal effort, no cost and maximum returns.

We’ve put together an “ideas cheat sheet” for even more insights and ideas that you can use to start increasing your revenue today.

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