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Why it’s More Important Than Ever to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

On the 21st April this year Google updated its algorithms to favour sites that are mobile-friendly. In their words:

“users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

This move has been heralded as the next big game changer in the SEO world.

Some believe this move has cornered them since there are websites out there that technically don’t need to be device compatible they’re only ever viewed on desktop screens. However this algorithm change will push any businesses like this who value their search engine rankings to adapt their websites appropriately.

Should you invest in making your site device-responsive?

We could hear businesses and website owners across the world groaning at this update, knowing full well they’ll need to drum up the money to fund the changes to their websites. But it’s worth remembering Google only really wants the best for us. Changes to their algorithms have always been about enhancing the search experience and results, and with more and more people using portable devices to browse the internet, it is a move that was welcomed by both searchers and UX designers across the board. You are actually highly likely to increase device-based conversions as a result, so try and look at it as an investment.

If you are a new business and looking to commission a website then it would be far better to have a responsive website from the very start. Odds are that people will want to view your site either on a mobile or tablet device so if you want to be accessible to the widest audience, then make sure you invest in this.

If you already have a website it’s a tougher choice especially if you’ve only recently commissioned it. Data found in your Google Analytics account can tell you how many of your visitors are browsing your site on mobiles or tablets so weigh this data up with how important high search engine rankings are to your business. I’m afraid though, the odds are that sooner or later you will need to adopt this change and invest.

Looking to the future of the internet and how browsing behaviours are changing, it seems that this push from Google can only really benefit accessibility across the web as a whole.

How mobile-friendly is your website?

Google has created a useful little tool to help you find out.

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