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Insight Series #2 – Velospeed – Ecommerce

This is the second in our “Insight Series”. Today we are reviewing Velospeed, an ecommerce website and ebike retailer.


[00:00:01] Welcome to the second in our Insight series where I aim to share knowledge of user experience and Search Engine Optimisation by taking you through real life website examples and advising how they can be improved. It’s all about how to get your website to work for your business. So in this episode we will look at the Velospeed website. They’re a fantastic ebike retailer with a showroom fairly near us in reading and they’ve agreed to let us review their website. Not least because we’re actually currently designing it so it’ll be a really good opportunity for you to see the before and after. So let’s start with the first impressions. When you first come onto their current website what is it that we understand about them?

[00:00:55] Okay. So we can see that they sell bikes. This image shows this here. And we’ve also got a few bikes here.

[00:01:07] There’s a line here which says ‘our range of electric bikes’. I think that’s the only indication on the whole page that they are selling electric bikes and not all bikes or just normal bikes.

[00:01:22] Then under this they have five bikes listed here with logos.

[00:01:29] Are they promoting the bike or are they promoting the brand, it’s a bit confusing. So what happens if we actually click on one of these where will it go? It is not clear at the moment what will happen. You probably expect to be taken through to a bike or to see a bike on a normal product page but you actually just get taken to this sort of brand page for moustache. We won’t go into the site anymore because this is more just about the home page but I just wanted to get across that it’s a bit confusing exactly where this takes you and that can put people off.

[00:02:06] But really that’s all there is to the page. They’ve also got these three blocks here actually and the contrast on them is very bad because we have white text on a light gray background. They promote special offers, latest news and what is an electric bike.

[00:02:27] It’s just all very light on content and there’s no context or clear explanation what exactly what they do or why they’re different. We like simplicity Don’t get me wrong but this is just too far in that direction. It’s not clear what I should do next on the site where I should click or even that this is an e-commerce website and you can actually purchase an ebike through here.

[00:02:54] So why are first impressions so important. If you’re not getting across accurately what you do or what you’re selling you’re doing your business a huge disservice. You’ll be putting off your target audience and you’ll be getting interest in things that really aren’t important. You might be able to get across about the electric bike brands but really is that the main aim for the site.

[00:03:28] This is obviously what we asked them about before we went ahead with the redesign and we found out that their main priorities are no.1 to get people to visit their fabulous showroom. I’ve been there and I know it’s fabulous, it’s got so many lovely bikes and it’s really easy to browse and they are fantastic themselves really passionate, approachable and friendly. So getting people into the showroom is their main priority.

[00:04:01] They also want to get across the fact that they’re independent ebike specialists and that they do offer a very bespoke and friendly service. So this is something that will set them apart from their competitors. They do want to encourage online sales. However this isn’t a huge priority. It’s more about getting people into the showroom.

[00:04:25] That’s what we know about them now. So now we know this. We need to approach the website with some recommendations to enhance the site and meet these priorities. So what do we need. First off we need clearer messaging to get across what they do. So this includes, people who are looking for an ebike will have different reasons for wanting one. For example commuting, offroad or for pleasure. So it’s really important to appeal to this first rather than just showcasing brands or reams of bike for sale, as in reality the majority won’t actually have a clue what they’re looking for and need more guidance than that.

[00:05:13] Secondly they’re in a competitive marketplace. There are other big ebike retailers out there that obviously don’t offer as good a service as Velospeed. But they really need to emphasize that they’re really friendly, professional, approachable and really passionate, and that their service will stand out against their competitors. So once they’ve done this it will be so much easier to convince people to visit the showroom, and they should then do this with really strong call-to-actions and accompanying great photography to showcase the showroom and help encourage people to come on in.

[00:05:57] Once site visitors realise it would be easier to browse the bikes and get expert advice if they visit the showroom, then essentially they’ll be far more more compelled to actually do so.

[00:06:09] So how do we do this? Let’s just get into a bit more detail on this.

[00:06:13] So this banner area as you can currently see it is just a bunch of images that rotating fairly quickly. This banner area could be used to a lot more effect and should contain a powerful value proposition. What does it say at the moment. Let’s have a look and see. “Visit our new showroom in Berkshire. Just ride our bikes today.” So that’s not a value proposition that’s a call to action before people even know what you’re about.

[00:06:42] So going back to basics a value proposition could be something like “electric bike shop and specialist helping you find the right ebike”. That just says everything that they do, they’re specialists, they sell electric bikes, that it’s a shop and that they can help you find the right ebike – getting across their expertise.

[00:07:03] We need to have much stronger imagery than this one needs to have a really good impact to help users understand what the site is about. And then under the banner what we should really do is emphasize the different types of bikes so that they fit into identifiable categories. For example city electric bikes electric, electric mountain bikes, folding ebikes. When people resonate with the category it will be a much easier hook them into the site. They’ll know they’re looking at the right bikes for their needs.

[00:07:42] So as people are forming and have an opinion of the business we really need to make it super obvious that they actually sell the ebikes too. We must not assume that people will assume that. So they could do this by showing off some of the bikes for sale with with the prices pretty much as you’d expect of an e-commerce site.

[00:08:01] Also on the home page we really want to convey their USP – unique selling point. So add in some of these points along the way, something like free delivery try before you buy a section and go for test drive and think about that also get across that you’re personable and get across this using social proof so people can really start to trust you. Social proof could be in the form of testimonials and I know that they have hundreds of them and people speak very highly of them. So it’s really about incorporating that onto the site and getting that across.

[00:08:47] So that’s pretty much what the home page should do. What we’d recommend the changes to be.

[00:08:53] That’s all we have time for here. But if you tune back in a couple of weeks you will see all of these points turned from theory into reality because as I’ve already said, we’ve had the privilege of redesigning this website and optimising it as well from an SEO and user experience point of view. So you’ll start to see it all come together. And we are really looking forward to sharing the results with you. So until then have a really great week. And thank you for watching.

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