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Trust & your website: Invoking a positive gut response

Gut instincts play a huge part in our online decision-making. As a business we can positively influence the gut reactions of our website users through top-level trust techniques outlined in this article.

Trust: Your Most Persuasive Tool & What it Means for your Website

Understanding the theory behind why we need to build up trust through our website and how hard we need to work towards this depending on the nature of the site, is a huge step towards really understanding our users – and helping them…

Insight Series #2 – Velospeed – Ecommerce

This is the second in our “Insight Series”. Today we are reviewing Velospeed, an ecommerce website and ebike retailer.

Insight Series #1 – The Link Foundation

This is our brand new “Insight Series”. Our first in the series focusses on local charity The Link Foundation.

Mobile Compatible Website vs Mobile Optimised Website

To the uninitiated, they mobile compatible and mobile optimised websites sound the same, but it’s important to understand the difference if you want to improve how your website works for you.

Game, Set and Match to Reading

What makes life in Reading, Berkshire so great? Find out a bit of background behind OrangeGrove and why we love being based in this town full of oportunities.

Fireside Chat at Yena Reading

I was flattered to be asked to participate in a fireside chat for Yena’s first meetup hosted in Reading. Yena is a community built up for start ups and scale ups…

Do this One Thing to Reduce your Bounce Rate

I explore how reducing your bounce rate can increase your website’s bookings and enquiries as well as improve your Google rankings. With instructions on how to reduce it.

How to get 1000s of visitors to your restaurant or boutique hotel website [2 of 3]

The second in our series of articles to help you achieve more visitors to your restaurant or boutique hotel website using more advanced SEO techniques.

10 Website Resolutions that will Help Your Business Grow in 2017

Here’s a list of New Year resolutions to add to your year’s marketing plan and apply to your business to help you achieve growth.

2017 Website Trends in Hospitality & Which to Avoid

Find out which website trends are hot in 2017 for the hospitality industries and which should be avoided. Includes a focus on usability and conversions..

OrangeGrove Reaches the Final in the 2017 UK Blog Awards!

The OrangeGrove blog has reached the final in both the digital & technology and PR, Marketing, Media & Communications categories in the 2017 UK Blog Awards!

The 6 most Important Google Analytics Metrics for your Restaurant or Boutique Hotel Website

A list of 6 important metrics to help you understand what is and isn’t working on your website and how you might be able to fix it.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics: Set Up and Track Conversions

Beginner’s guide to Google Analytics – get set up with step by step instructions and start tracking conversions.

How 4 Pro Conversion Experts would Design your Restaurant’s Home Page

“How would you design a restaurant home page to get more bookings?” – 4 conversion pros answer.

Pro Photography Tips – Make a Restaurant / Boutique Hotel Shine Online

When pro photography isn’t an option, expert tips on how you can get the most out of your DIY photos.