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How well is your business website optimised for local Reading searches? We’ll score your website so you can see what changes you need to make to get ahead of your competitors.

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What you’ll get

A personalised scorecard

Your website will be scored out of 10, allowing you to see its potential.

Ranking factor audit

10 key ranking factors to help you identify website weaknesses.

Keyword analysis

Determine how well you are using your keyword in your content and whether you're using it in the right places.

Personalised notes for improvement

You'll receive personalised guidance based on your score for each ranking factor.

SEO audit

An audit is a great first step towards optimising your site locally.


Use this as your springboard to take your site to the next level, either yourself with a little help.


It’s easy to rank well in Google for a location keyword if you know how. It’s all about tailoring your website content to your audience in that location. We’re offering free local SEO audits to Reading-based businesses as a community project to help boost our local economy.

Louisa Dunbar