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How Photography can increase Hotel Bookings

With all these posts on photography you may be forgiven for thinking I’m a bit of a photographer. I’m not, although I would love to be. I did however buy a decent camera to start learning a few things and to take better holiday snaps, so maybe by the time I’m eighty, I will be getting somewhere!

In the meantime however, I do appreciate good photography particularly when it comes to faraway lands and food. So as an avid user of travel, hotel and restaurant websites, I know what works on me and what doesn’t.

Professional Photographs

Airbnb seems to be doing a lot of things right recently, despite their new logo receiving mixed reviews. Although they represent private renters and allow them to add all their information themselves, Airbnb recognised that high quality, professional photos attracted more custom. They established that:

“Hosts with professional photography are booked 2.5 times more frequently than those without and these hosts bring in $1,025 per month on average.”

So they started offering their hosts free professional photography in the bid to enhance conversions. You see the difference it can make below. The before photo looks fairly standard, whereas the after photo immediately makes the room look lighter and more inviting.


Prove you have nothing to hide

Whilst generating an air of intrigue is good with some businesses, when it comes to hotels and resorts it has been shown that the more photos you can include of a room and hotel the better. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. ‘Arty’ pictures or close-ups of ornaments, adds no value to the user and will increase frustration.

According to TNOOZ:

Simple things like doubling a hotel’s online pictures can result in 4.5% take-up and $3.50 higher ADR

So to conclude, whether you run a website such as booking.com or you market your hotel’s own website for attracting bookings, photography is of paramount importance. Visitors are growing to expect better things from you so if you want those extra few conversions, professional photography is worth investing in.



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