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Pro Photography Tips – Make a Restaurant / Boutique Hotel Shine Online

restaurant photography

Photo credit: The Miller Of Mansfield

Are you trying to decide whether investing in photography is worth it?

Here are some interesting facts for you…

  • Hotels with professional quality photos experienced an increase of 26% in online bookings
  • Those who had pictures of all their bathrooms experienced an increase of 27% in online bookings
  • Those with more than 7 photos benefited from 12% more online bookings

But look, I get it…

Sometimes money is tight.

Pressure is always on to do things the ‘professional way’ but until you can get funds together you’re just going to have to make do with having a go yourself.

You know the results won’t be as good, but hey it’s just an interim measure.

To help you on your way, I invited our extemely talented food photographer Shannon from SLR Photography to provide some expert tips on how you can get the most out of your DIY photos.

Here’s what she said:


food photography

Photo credit: Beetle & Wedge

Lighting can be the key to getting the best photographs, but it’s not always easy to get right. To maximise the chances of finding the best photo try shooting at different times of the day, using a mixture of natural and artificial lighting.

  • Make sure every light is switched on when photographing your rooms/restaurant/pub.
  • If your room has large windows, try shooting at different times of the day, as sunshine streaming through a window could be the shot you need to entice your audience in.
  • Try closing the curtains and switching the lights on. This can create a very cosy, warm atmosphere.


restaurant photography

Photo credit: The Swan at Streatley

Some patience is required with this one. It’s important not to be in a rush to get it done or you’ll risk missing the perfect shot. Don’t stop shooting till you have exhausted every angle & every possibility.

  • Shoot from every corner of the room to find the best angles.
  • Do a panoramic shot from the best angle once you have found it.
  • Try shooting from different heights to find the best perspective.
  • Think outside the box and shoot through plants, windows, doors.
  • Use different lenses – wide angles to show the entire space, but also close up angles to capture all the details of the room.


Jane Staunton Catering

Photo credit: Jane Staunton Catering

For this one you’ll need to know your camera settings and how to maximise them to get the best results.

  • Experiment with various depths of field. See how you can use it to show off the best aspects of your restaurant or hotel.
  • Make sure you have removed all unwanted items out of your shot and everything is exactly where it should be, and there is no unwanted items in your way (dustbins, paper, pencils, fire exit signs etc.)
  • Ceilings can make or break a shot, try shooting the ceiling in and out of the frame



Photo credit: Beetle & Wedge

Make a connection with your audience by making them believe that “This could be you”.

  • Don’t just have photos of blanks spaces, add in people, make it personal.
  • Make the people move. Adding movement in a shot can create a wonderful, busy, interesting atmosphere
  • Represent the lifestyle. It could be someone relaxing in the bath, reading a book in bed, laughing beside the fire place or drinking wine in a comfy big arm chair. Use the best features of your boutique hotel or restaurant and create “real life” images. Your audience will relate and imagine themselves being that person… relaxing, reading, enjoying the space.

When you’re ready to invest in professional photography, it has the ability to really make your boutique hotel and restaurant stand out.

Professional photographers understand how to use light to their advantage, as well as the correct angles and frames. They also have an uncanny ability to capture your hotel or restaurant in the most effective and engaging way to draw customers in.

Photography is so vital to the success of a restaurant or boutique hotel website in terms of bringing in bookings, we’ve incorporated it as one part of our 3 step web design process. The whole process is designed to double your online bookings in 90 days or less. If you’d like to find out how we can help your business, contact us here »

We have a whole heap more tips just like this to help boutique hotels and top restaurants make the most out of their websites so they really start working for them. Just enter your name and email below if you’re interested in receiving these straight to your inbox.

Restaurant / Hotel credits:
The Beetle and Wedge
Jane Staunton Catering
The Miller of Mansfield

The Swan at Streatley






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