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How to get 1000s of visitors to your restaurant or boutique hotel website [2 of 3]

The second in our series of articles to help you achieve more visitors to your restaurant or boutique hotel website using more advanced SEO techniques.

The 6 most Important Google Analytics Metrics for your Restaurant or Boutique Hotel Website

A list of 6 important metrics to help you understand what is and isn’t working on your website and how you might be able to fix it.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics: Set Up and Track Conversions

Beginner’s guide to Google Analytics – get set up with step by step instructions and start tracking conversions.

How 4 Pro Conversion Experts would Design your Restaurant’s Home Page

“How would you design a restaurant home page to get more bookings?” – 4 conversion pros answer.

Pro Photography Tips – Make a Restaurant / Boutique Hotel Shine Online

When pro photography isn’t an option, expert tips on how you can get the most out of your DIY photos.

How Boutique Hotels and Restaurants can Write Engaging Web Copy to Increase Online Bookings

Tantalising menu? Beautiful, boutique accommodation? But does your website wording cut the black truffle mustard?

3 Reasons to Not Neglect your Website Just Because you’re Fully Booked

Do you have a fantastic business but a rubbish website? It could be more damaging to your business than you think!

How to get 1000s of visitors to your restaurant or boutique hotel website [1 of 3]

SEO, when done well, can send 1000s of new visitors to your website. Here are some valuable tips…

Is your Website Michelin Worthy? The Beginners Guide

Take our test today to see how Michelin your website is and why it needs to be.

3 Ways Hotels and Restaurants can Increase the Value of Every Online Booking

How you can increase customer spend before your customers have even walked through your door…

3-Step Formula for Doubling your Online Restaurant or Hotel Bookings

Encourage more bookings through your website by just making some small changes to your website…