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credit management software

Credica are specialists in credit, query and risk management software where others in their market are generalists. If anything, it was their passion to help their customers that in turn, appealed and rubbed off on us. In turn we were very eager to help them. They knew what they wanted from the start, and that was a website that would help them grow their business.

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“Orangegrove were a pleasure to deal with throughout. Louisa exuded confidence and professionalism, which was proven by the end result. What I most liked was that she started with the end result I wanted to achieve, and worked backwards from that. This is the only way to get customer satisfaction, and Louisa practised this approach all the way through, but particularly at the initial meetings where it’s most important. Orangegrove didn’t baffle me with technological buzzwords, complicated terminology or other nonsense, it was just a pleasure to work with a company that valued the ‘human’ approach to things.”

Product Director, Credica Limited
The brief

This was a redesign project with clear goals (which we love). They wanted to attract more people to the website and then convert a greater percentage of those people to fill out the contact enquiry form. They knew that just a couple of enquiries that could be converted to sales would provide a return on investment.

beautifully responsive

our solution

The solution was a website that appealed to a rather diverse target audience, from the decision influencer to the time-poor managers. It needed to provide enough information to assist a decision without being overwhelming. Wireframing helped with the user journey and information architecture, then the bespoke design aided that journey further and brought our ideas together. SEO was applied along the way to ensure the website would be found by the target audience.

the result

The old website brought in roughly 1 or 2 enquiries a month. Over the first 5 months the new website achieved:

  • 23 contact form enquiries
  • 6 direct email enquiries
  • 14 brochure downloads
  • Bounce rate reduced by 90%
  • Number of pages visited on the site increased by 116%