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Litter Kwitter

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Litter Kwitter is a revolutionary product invented and launched in Australia on their equivalent of Dragon’s Den. After seeing huge global success they started to recognise their website didn’t do their brand justice and was holding them back with regards to direct sales of their products.

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The brief

The primary goal was to create a user-friendly website which encouraged direct sales. Although the products sold well as a result of their stockists, an increase in direct web sales would help take the company to the next level, allowing them to grow. It was also important to be mindful of the stockists as they needed priority treatment too.

beautifully responsive

our solution

The tricky part was promoting the direct online sale of the products whilst also keeping the stockists happy and ensuring their noses weren’t put out of joint. So firstly we created a user experience that centred around “trust”. For such a unique (and often humorous) subject, users would need a fair amount of information before they decided that investing in the products would result in success for them. We tackled this with plenty of testimonials, case studies, celebrity endorsements and other social proof. Coupled with a resource for information on the training side, the theory was that this would be enough to convince a user to purchase the products.

We kept the stockists happy by implementing a dedicated area of the site to them which was easy to search and contained the information a user might be looking for should they want to purchase from a shop in-person.

the result

Aside from receiving great feedback from the inventor / owner of Litter Kwitter, he’s seen encouraging year-on-year improvements since the site has gone live. We are pleased that it has also seen the following results:

  • Increased visitor numbers
  • A fully responsive website
  • Gains users’ trust
  • Converts more visitors to customers