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Supportive housing

EHSL is a national non-profit provider of supported housing to people with a range of disabilities. They were being held back by a website that ineffectively conveyed what they did and failed to provide the support that the business and residents and investors required.

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OrangeGrove designed and built a new site for EHSL. The process was well planned and the site was delivered on time. Communication from Louisa and Lynne was good throughout and I’m happy with the website and service provided. We have received increased traffic since the new site went live.

Ali Costelloe
The brief

The primary goals for the new site consisted of providing a good service to tenants allowing them to easily report issues and pay rent. Whilst from the professionals point of view, the site needed to provide easy-to-access information, so they can form an opinion of EHSL which consisted of professionalism, success and trust. Ultimately they want to encourage enquiries and business partnerships through their new website.

beautifully responsive

our solution

The user journey and design needed to cater for less technically able audiences as well as the more tech savvy, so it was important the website wasn’t overly complex and cluttered and instead focused on simply getting across what they do and how to find the information required. It also had to be fully accessible to enable those with limiting disabilities to continue to use the website without barriers.

the result

As a new site we continue to monitor it for conversions and will review visitor numbers and conversions once enough data has been collected. However the new site can be seen to achieved the following:

  • Increased visitor numbers
  • A fully accessible website
  • Gains the audience’s trust
  • Converts more visitors to enquiries
  • Sets them apart from their competition