Fastgardener is a new, unique concept for booking gardeners online. We were approached by this start-up to help refine and bring the concept to life.

The concept required detailed wireframing and UX designs for each stage of booking process. Careful consideration had to be given to user journeys and these were drawn up prior to wireframing.

This marketplace concept had an audience of two very different markets. The finished product included a bespoke processing and booking system, where customers were able to sign up, book and administer jobs; alongside a system for gardeners allowing them to accept and administer their jobs. An area on the site was also created for business and on-site administration.

As a completely unique concept, a lot of the spec was determined on the fly and we had to remain adaptable to deal with any short-comings the initial spec had. This resulted in a fully functional, phase 1 website and system that could be launched and tested with real users in order to gain valuable feedback for phase 2 along with any other additions to the system to enhance usability and processes.

Bespoke booking system allowing customers to book a gardener.

Alongside the responsive website, an Android and iOS app was also developed so both customers and gardeners could administer their accounts.