Ideas First

Ideas First is an ideas generation agency assisting businesses in generating new ideas to enable them to grow. They have been running global innovation projects for large consumer focused organisations for the past 15 years, including companies such as Pepsico, Johnson & Johnson, Cadbury, Tesco and many more. They felt their existing website was looking out-dated and didn’t accurately reflect the kind of business they were and therefore wouldn’t help reinforce the message they were trying to project to clients and prospects. It was text-heavy and looked far more complex than it needed to be.

This was a really interesting business to work with. As the website structure needed to be rethought, we started off by wireframing the main pages. The objectives here were to really pull in the content and simplify it as much as possible taking into consideration the overall goals for the site and business in general.

Following sign-off of the wireframes, the design work started. We really wanted to create something that stood out from their competitors and would capture the attention of prospects whilst still looking comfortable within their own industry. This involved coming up with a unique approach and one that utlised modern technologies to aid usability and cross-platform compatibility.

Research was also undertaken on the site’s on-site search engine optimisation with regards to keywords, ensuring the site maintained it’s current rankings and was optimised for new keywords also.

We created a fully responsive, unique home page, designed to captivate visitors and encourage them deeper into the site

We also worked with Ideas First on their other website - Virtual Hothouse.

Following the two websites, we then helped fully redesign their online innovation system to bring the look and feel up to date and make it easier to use.

"Orange Grove did a fantastic job. They quickly understood our needs and challenged us with a design that is contemporary and clearly communicates the core benefits of our services, and importantly, with a design that has already delivered results. Within three weeks of going live, the new website generated a "cold enquiry" from the head of regional innovation from a large global fast food chain. This enquiry produced a significant project where Ideas First® helped to develop a range of new products across Europe. We have no doubt that the new website helped to secure this important work. Further feedback from clients also confirms how important the new design will be in promoting our services."

Michael Simpson