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MyPlus Student's Club

what we did
UX design
Accessible web design
WordPress development

Supporting disabled students and graduates

MyPlus is an inspiring company that provides progressive employers and disabled students with the confidence, insight and support they need to realise new possibilities. Their website facilitated this through case studies, resources, a jobs board and a ‘member’s club’ area. However prior to the redesign, it was confusing to use, didn’t convey what they do effectively and also lacked any SEO.

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The brief

The redesign brief was to focus on improving the user journey and experience which was currently confusing and unclear. The old website was under-performing in terms of attracting adequate visitor numbers and converting these to members. This needed to change and it was clear a redesign would help support this.

beautifully responsive

our solution

Our solution was to focus the redesign on conveying messages more clearly and provide a much simpler user journey. We took the information architechture and suggested an alternative structure which would make it clearer why students should join the club and then keep them engaged for longer. It was also important that the site appealed to employers to encourage them to be listed on the site and also to sponsor MyPlus.

the result

Since the site went live in October, MyPlus Student’s Club have had an average increase in organic search traffic of 46.43%. This is a great improvement for the website.