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Simplifying complexity in procurement and supply

ProProcure developed a transformative piece of cloud-based software called Geneus, which helps businesses worldwide improve their procurement processes. Their old website was confusing to use, didn’t convey what they do effectively and also lacked any SEO.

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“We worked with OrangeGrove on a much needed redesign of our corporate website, which went live in January 2018. Our main goals were to increase traffic and start using our website as a lead generation tool. Whilst the volume of traffic hasn’t necessarily increased, the quality definitely has. In the 9 months following launch, the number of genuine enquiries increased by 800%. There are still improvements to be made, but we are finally seeing results from our site that we wouldn’t have had we not done the redesign!”

Sian Fryer
The brief

The redesign brief was to focus on improving the user journey and experience which was currently confusing and unclear. Messaging needed to be clear, simple and consistent. Alongside this they wanted to move away from their current cartoony design towards one that would portray a more professional tone. Ultimately the new site should bring in new enquiries from the two main target audience groups; enterprises and suppliers. This all had to be achieved in a very tight timeline.

beautifully responsive

our solution

The first challenge was to immerse ourselves in the business and its history in order to understand exactly what the business is about today. This was important so we could do an accurate job of formulating a comprehensive user journey whilst keeping a tone consistent with ProProcure’s vision. The bespoke design assisted our approach here which we achieved in remarkably short timescales. ProProcure were aware that even more could have been achieved with the design with a more flexible timeline. Technical SEO was applied at every stage of the design and build process to ensure the site was built for good rankings.

the result

Over the first 6 months following go live the site has achieved:

  • 800% increase in genuine enquiries
  • 54 enquiries
  • Reduced bounce rate by 7%
  • Increased time on page by 7%
  • Number of pages visited on the site increased by 27%