Beauty spa and cosmetic skin clinic

We had worked with Spalicious to develop their current website 4 years previously. But since then the business had evolved from a beauty therapists into a spa that also offered fully qualified cosmetic skin treatments. In combination with this, the original site had grown into a beast with a lot of additional content! It had become hard to navigate around and users weren’t sure where to go to find what they were looking for. We knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

The Brief

The brief was to design and build a website that would successfully advertise the new direction of the business. It was also important to capture people doing local internet searches for the treatments they offer and then convert them to paying customers via a booking form.

Our Solution

Once we fully understood the new direction the business was taking as well as the target audiences, we knew we had to focus on friction-free user journey whilst using social proof to encourage confidence. It was also about ensuring all their questions are answered about each treatment too. Our solution for this was to include before and after photos and FAQs for each service. SEO was considered from the very start too. From keyword research, page recommendations and URL structuring. This would give the site the best chance of ranking for target terms.

The Results

The new website went live in April 2018. The results are already beginning to come in (end July):

  • Bounce rate reduced by 18%
  • Users spending 52% more time on the site
  • 29 goal completions

"Thank you Louisa and Lynne for always being there to answer my questions and help me re-launch a fantastic new website."

Samantha Savory