Springwell Clinic

Springwell Clinic came to us in the very early stages of forming their business. Their plan was to set up a nurse-led aesthetics clinic providing leadingĀ aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers and many more alongside bespoke nutritional support and personalised work out programmes. They approached us looking for help with their branding, web design and promotional materials.

We started the project looking at defining a logo. We worked with Springwell to brainstorm name ideas and produced a selection of 4 alternative logo designs before evolving the chosen one.

Work on the website started by getting to understand who the target audience would be and what they would want out of the site. We also worked with the owners to discover what their goals for the site were what success would look like for them. With this information we set about putting together a proposed sitemap and wireframes, outlining each page template. This helped us focus entirely on the users and how they would navigate through the site and find the information they’re after.

The design stage followed placing importance on enhancing the user journey and incorporating the brand style. Designs were produced for each template and once signed off were coded up and integrated with WordPress.

Springwell also required an ecommerce store to facilitate the sales of their products.

Each treatment detailed on the site needed to provide enough information to help prospective clients feel confident in approaching Springwell to perform them. We just had to break this down into easily digested chunks of information.

We also incorporated an ecommerce store onto the site.