Val Wyatt Marine

Val Wyatt is a family run marina in Wargrave that has been going since 1845 no less! Recently, Lisa and Ben Caddick took over the family business and in doing so brought a new vision and passion with it. They felt their existing website failed to express the warm, friendly approach they bring to the business. It was text-heavy and looked far more complex than it needed to be. With the website being one of their main marketing channels for used and new boat sales, it was really due an update.

This was such a lovely project to get our teeth into and a lovely business to work with. Due to the size of the site and the need for rethinking the structure, we started off by wireframing the main pages. This really enabled us to think carefully about the information architecture and usability of the site and asked ourselves questions such as “what can we do to make this site as simple as possible to use?” We needed to think about the best way to present the search function and results, as well as adding in the facility for people to save boats for future reference. This was all added with the end goal of increasing sales.

The design centred around portraying the business in a professional, friendly yet traditional way. Not an easy task, but by taking their gold signature colour and discovering some complimentary blues and adding some small finishing touches, we feel we managed to capture this. Consideration also needed to be given to its appearance on tablets and mobiles and so we made sure the design would work well at any width.

They were also concerned about the repercussions on search engine rankings of restructuring the website in such a way, but SEO methods were put into place which would preserve and hopefully improve their rankings, whilst also redirecting any old pages to their new equivalent url.

A boat feed was set up importing boat details from their boat management system straight into the website.

Each boat page includes an enquiry form to encourage enquiries.

"Orange Grove have been a genuine pleasure to work with from start to finish in the build of our new website. It was clear from the initial meeting that Louisa knew exactly what I was after (even though I couldn’t quite articulate this myself) and the end result has exceeded my expectations. The whole process was smooth, being completely professional but also very enjoyable. I am extremely happy with the end result, and we’ve had fantastic feedback from customers and suppliers. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to working with Louisa on future developments to the website."

Lisa Caddick