our website transformation formula

Over the last ten years we've produced over 90 websites and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. We've refined our processes over the years and have defined the 'best practice' which we work to and adapt for each client to ensure best results. We've given you a little insight below into how we like to do things.

the process involved in a typical web design project...

discovery & design

Here we’ll discover exactly who your target audience is, how your current website is performing, understand and identify your brand positioning, what you stand for, your vision as a company and what your most important values are so we can transform your website from a static brochure-type website, into an beautiful online money-making machine. Using technical information and techniques (such as SEO and UX), we can make sure your website is designed to encourage visitors to book with you whilst remaining high in the search engines so they can find you in the first place.

development & optimisation

The next step sees us converting the designs into a flexible, editable and mobile-friendly website. Using the content management system WordPress, we will set the site up so that you can quickly and easily make changes whenever you need, whilst always looking great on all devices and browsers. We will make sure your website has all the finishing touches to guarantee people can find your site in Google and so you can monitor how well it performs on a day-to-day basis.

on-going optimisation

Once your website is live it needs to be maintained and evolved so it keeps bringing you bookings. Every month we will work on the content and structure of your website to ensure you are receiving visitors and that those visitors are doing what you want them to do (making bookings, buying products, making contact etc). This requires constant monitoring, analysis and optimisation, which we can take care of for you. You can keep track of our progress through monthly reporting and regular reviews to ensure you continue to receive a good return on investment.