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Web design and development is our expertise. Undiluted and undistracted. We know how to translate a complex brief into a simple to use, lead-generating website masterpiece.

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Our vision is to create an inclusive web, one that people enjoy using. By putting users and their experience at the heart of our solutions, we make businesses successful.

Why? If a visitor to your website is left feeling fulfilled and satisfied, it will result in business for you, whether that resembles an enquiry lead, web sale or booking.

How? Our web design processes are focused on putting your users first. We pave the path for your users to find the information they’re looking for to enabling them to make a decision on whether to contact, buy or book with you.

By using persuasive, emotive and trust design techniques we can convert a high percentage of users to help you build your business. Of course, your website will look the bee’s knees too.

Our websites inspire change, growth and evolution and ultimately, success.

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A successful website is one that constantly evolves over the months and years following go live and it’s our job to help you. It’s important to us that we don’t just design and develop a website and leave you to it.

Just as your business evolves and grows, so must your website. Target audiences change, business goals change, and so do customers’ needs. As your prime marketing tool, your website must reflect these if it is to continue to bring in custom and stay ahead of the competition.

Your WordPress site also needs to be maintained and kept up-to-date. Our clients value our support with this too. We have a range of website support & maintenance packages to help your business with all of this. You’ll have peace of mind that we’ve got this covered.

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Reasons to redesign a website are likely to be when a site starts to look out of date, the functionality is proving troublesome or the service or product offering has changed to such an extent that the current website is redundant.

How to redesign a website: we will consult with you to find out exactly how your site is limiting you, then offer a solution. Combined with our user-first approach, the solution is often water-tight and guaranteed to result in the success your business desires.

Every day we research new ideas and approaches that help us achieve this. Advances in understanding and technology means that each website we redesign is more perfect than the last.

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Creating an inclusive, user-first website doesn’t stop with the designers. There’s a whole host of web elements that need to be thought about and planned from a development point of view to ensure the optimum experience for your users.

This is why our website developers are actually what we call “user experience developers” and they work in conjunction with our UX designers to help us offer the most successful website development services we possibly can!

Our highly skilled developers are unphased by any request or functionality, and will always find the most fitting and cost-effective solutions to suit your needs. We have most bases covered from ecommerce website development to SAAS.


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Our inclusive approach to web projects puts the user at the heart of everything we do.

When it comes to design this has never been more important. UX design or ‘user experience design’ is all about designing a website, web page or web interface which is optimised for the user. The aim is to create an experience which is not only enjoyable, stress-free and simple, but also compelling.

We always take the approach that your products and services have been developed to improve the life of your customers in some way. So in turn, it’s our duty to convince them to buy or sign up.

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Being discoverable is important. If your products and services aim to improve the life of your customers in some way, then it’s your duty (no less!) to do everything you can to get in front of them.
Here at OrangeGrove we thrive on achieving excellent search engine results for businesses of all sizes. Our focus is entirely on the natural Google listings for the best results.
Having a website that converts customers is only half of the process. Prospects need to find your site in the first place. We use the most up-to-date search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to make sure your website attracts visitors. 
SEO is an ever-changing practice, because of this we ensure we’re always on top of any changes by Google and will ensure your website is kept to the appropriate standards. 
We consider SEO as a part of every site we build and thereafter. Working with the essential on-site part of SEO, once your site is live, we will create a strategy that works with you to get the best possible results. It’s not just a numbers game. It’s about getting your target visitors to the site. Not only do we attract visitors, we make sure they’re the right ones. With our conversion focus we use data to make sure that your target audience are the ones coming to your website. 
Analysing and looking at keywords, competitors, content creation, issue resolution, campaign work, outreach and more, we can transform your website from an empty shop to a buzzing hub.
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We have commissioned OrangeGrove to build our last two websites – the fact that we returned for a second speaks for itself. Once again Louisa took the ideas of what we wanted to achieve and turned them into an end result that looks the part. What I believe truly sets this business apart is their speed of response and quick turnaround when things need to get done fast. Most importantly, I trust that our biggest marketing tool is in safe hands with OrangeGrove.