user experience design

An inclusive web is one which puts users first. User experience (UX) is as the heart of everything we do. By putting users and their experience at the centre of our solutions, we make businesses successful.

UX design agency that puts users at the heart of our web design solutions

what is ux design and why do we value it?

Our inclusive approach to web projects puts the user at the heart of everything we do.

When it comes to design this has never been more important. UX design or ‘user experience design’ is all about designing a website, web page or web interface which is optimised for the user. The aim is to create an experience which is not only enjoyable, stress-free and simple, but also compelling.

We always take the approach that your products and services have been developed to improve the life of your customers in some way. So in turn, it’s our duty to convince them to buy or sign up.

The site needs to be easy to use, which is what UX design is all about. So we follow UX best practices to achieve this. However we go one step further than this and aim to actively persuade users to convert. Our experience and knowledge of user psychology and understanding of neuro marketing & behavioural economics helps us achieve this more effectively than other UX design agencies.

Why do you need UX design and what are the benefits?

If you focus your website solely on your business goals, your branding and the messages you want to convey, you risk alienating your users. Instead, tapping into their needs shows that you value them and their experience. We’ve outlined some benefits of UX design.

  • UX design means you’ll be remembered for the right reasons
  • It results in an easy-to-use website
  • It increases conversions
  • UX design motivates users to interact
  • It compells users to buy / enquire / sign up
  • UX design increases customer loyalty and trust
  • Your users will feel good using your website
  • Users will be able to browse your site and find content with ease
  • An inclusive approach will maximise audience-reach
  • Your business will achieve greater ROI

how do we incorporate UX design in our projects

We’ve seen huge success with our UX workshops. They help you define your audience as well as gain a better understanding of what your website needs to deliver your customers. Here it’s all about collaboration, bringing different perspectives together from across an organisation. It will help you empathise with your customers/users and will result in a shared vision or goal to which we can all work towards.

The UX workshops can be standalone but more often than not they form the springboard of a web design project.

Thereafter it’s about applying UX best practices and our knowledge of online psychology, neuro marketing and behavioural economics to achieve the best and most appropriate user experience design for your audience.

I have been delighted to work with Louisa and OrangeGrove. They immediately understood my requirements and produced a truly superb user experience. Orangegrove were very reactive, accommodating and produced the final website in impressively quick time. All in all a pleasure to work with.