ecommerce web design

With ecommerce web design, we have the chance to make real, measurable differences to your business. If you have a low conversion rate and visitors are dropping off your ecommerce website here there and everywhere, then we know exactly where to look and what to do to rectify this.

High converting ecommerce web design to generate maximum orders.

ecommerce web design for business success

There’s an art to designing ecommerce websites that attract visitors and generate sales, and it’s deeper than you think.

It’s about understanding your target audience and designing for their needs whilst surpassing their expectations.

We take the approach of users-first, making sure the site is structured and works as your target audience expects but also actively guiding them to purchase your product. This is where our skillset in ‘online persuasion’ really sets us apart. We’ll take care of both attracting visitors to your new website and then making sure the highest possible majority of them convert to sales.

what makes a successful ecommerce website

When we’re approached for an ecommerce web design, we have a number of methods we have tried and tested and know work to convert visitors to customers. Here’s a little taster.

  • Simple checkouts with minimal clicks to ensure customers don’t get put off or frustrated
  • Using cart abandonment software to encourage customers back to complete their purchase
  • Including trustmarks so shoppers feel they can buy with confidence
  • Adding reviews and testimonials to your site is a simple way of increasing converions
  • We can include live chat software and then monitor to make sure it’s effectively helping visitors
  • Easy navigation, particularly making sure it’s as simple as possible for users to browse and find what they’re looking for
  • Intelligent search that takes visitors straight to the product they’re searching for
  • Since so many people browse ecommerce stores on their mobiles, your site should be highly optimised for mobile devices

WordPress for ecommerce websites

We always use WordPress for the ecommerce websites we design. It’s flexibility and versatility makes it the best option out there for your ecommerce site.

A successful ecommerce web design project doesn’t end when the new site goes live. It needs to be continually nurtured to ensure it’s working effectively from an SEO and conversion point of view.

We can work alongside you on the whole ecommerce journey from idea seed to business fruition and any other updates thereafter.

We worked with OrangeGrove on a much needed redesign of our corporate website, which went live in January 2018. Our main goals were to increase traffic and start using our website as a lead generation tool. Whilst the volume of traffic hasn’t necessarily increased, the quality definitely has. In the 9 months following launch, the number of genuine enquiries increased by 800%. There are still improvements to be made, but we are finally seeing results from our site that we wouldn’t have had we not done the redesign!