web design for small businesses

If you’re a small business looking to grow, our web design services will help you do just that. We know how to get more visitors to your website and then convert them to enquiries once they’re on your site.

creating an online web presence to grow your small business

web design that helps you grow your small business

As a small business, having a website that brings in a steady, effortless stream of enquiries or sales can make a real difference to how quickly your business grows.

You may have a few competitors that you want to get ahead of or stand out against. We can help you with this by trumping them in the search engines and then wowing visitors and convincing them you’re the company to do business with.

We’re experts at understanding what your business does and what it needs, and then translating this into a beautiful, successful website.

what makes a successful small business website?

Many small businesses believe all you need is a good looking website and it’ll bring in the business. The reality is much different. Website users are a  particular bunch. You need to be really clever about it if you want to get business from them through your site. Fear not, we know exactly how to achieve this. Here are just some of our methods.

  • A design that looks more professional than all of your competitors
  • Ranking above all your competitors in the search engines
  • A website you can edit yourself easily so content is current
  • A design and well thought-out structure that actively encourages conversions
  • A responsive site that works well across all browsers and devices
  • A site that addresses visitor’s questions and concerns
  • One that has a logical and well thought-out navigation
  • A site that is continuously nutured and evolved after the initial go-live

supporting small business matters

We love working with small businesses. The passion they have to succeed makes us want to deliver results even more.

They come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve worked with all sorts from up and coming online software businesses, horse product ecommerce stores and business consultants to michelin star restaurants and cosmetic skin clinics.

When it comes to websites, one size does not fit all. We’re experts at listening to your individual story and providing a solution to perfectly fit your needs.

OrangeGrove designed and built a new site for EHSL. The process was well planned and the site was delivered on time. Communication from Louisa and Lynne was good throughout and I’m happy with the website and service provided. We have received increased traffic since the new site went live.